Do you? …someday

We’re just a bunch of crazy girls who wanna get hitched. But seeing as how the government, the church, and even some deeply concerned (or insane) citizens of this fine nation have not yet given the state of Maryland the opportunity for equality in the form of Marriage…then Soul and I are having to do some creative planning.

Not to mention that I absolutely love this woman and she me, and we want to be married — like — yesterday. Like two months ago. Like — well you get the gist.

Please note that all of this will happen…eventually. We just haven’t the foggiest idea as to when.

We do however know where. How it will look. What the reception will resemble. Etc.!!! *girly squeal!*

So for this page I will share with you:

  • The items and themes of interest
  • The latest and greatest of websites for referencing
  • All of our DIY wedding projects
  • And the big stuff like: The Dress/es, the Rings, etc.

We plan to have this as a tasteful, small wedding some year in the month of September.

And so here is what we have thus far:

Date:  September XX, 20XX


Ceremony:  The Covered Bridge in Maryland

Reception:  The Barn near the Covered Bridge in Maryland

Theme:  Vintage Whimsy!

Colors:  Soul:  (undecided still)  Jen:  Peacock blue

Dress: Found this FABULOUS dress but it costs over 1500.00, so I may have a friend recreate it for both of us! (fingers crossed)

Dress style:  vintage sheath dress with a short kick train. Will NOT show the picture as …you’re not supposed to see the bride beforehand! Geez!

Rings:  Silver/Gold/Red Gold bands – handmade by Uzi in Israel (found on Etsy)

Bouquet:  Brooch Bouquets – DIY by Jen

Limo/Car: VW Camper Van

I’ll definitely be adding more posts to this page so …keep watch!