And so the journey begins

With one stroke of the keys (actually let’s not start off this things with lies…it takes several strokes of the keys to get to this page) I begin my blogging journey.  Now don’t get me pegged as some web virgin…oh no. I have been on Livejournal for YEARS! Alas – it just seemed like private bitching to a bunch of people who “friended” you out of morbid curiosity, sexual interest, or claim to be your friend.


Here – anyone can read your thoughts. Anyone who is bored enough to hack through the tangles of the internet (the term ‘surfing the web’ is so out of date…and definitely not realistic. Far too much info aka crap out there for someone to actually skim on the surface of anything!).  Oh a word of caution for those writer/editor types…I am horrible with punctuation, I love extra long sentences and the person who invented the word BREVITY should be shot.  *curtsy*


Today…if you have not noticed the date…is Valentine’s Day!

That being said – all of my friends have been ditching work to ensure that they write on all of their friends’ Facebook pages, email notes of love and friendship to those afraid of Big Brother watching and *gasp* have taken pen in hand to quill out a few lines in a card, purchased for $.99 at the local Dollar Tree and popped it in the mail.  These by the way, are usually reserved for the Grandma-types.


My sons – Brendan and Malcolm – received a witty image snagged online and plastered on their Wall of their Facebook pages with an oh-so-clever remark about each of them being my favorite son.  *evil sinister laugh*


As those of you who know me…which I’m sure none of you do – I’ll explain…I’ve been torturing my sons with the ideals of familial competition.  Basically the “Mom loves ME best” scenario.

Let me tell ya – its a hoot!

I’m not silly enough to do it with every card – that would be predicable! No — I do this every blue-moonber (it’s on the calendar…look it up!). I write in their card “to my favorite son”; they go running to rub it in their twin’s face only to find that …”hey! Mom wrote that in MY card!” *hear me (mom) giggling in the other room*

Well as my sons are now 20 years old and living in their own apartment – I am reduced to making this a very public humiliation!  Oh darn.  *giggling again*


For my darling, gorgeous, and loving partner Soul — she however is getting a Valentine’s day Week!  Yup – a little bit o’ something each and every day until this weekend (post paycheck received on the day AFTER Valentine’s day)

This morning she awoke to find the following:

  • a hand written love letter in the bathroom
  • a note on the microwave saying “Look in me”
  • within lay a plate of glazed donuts with a note saying “Eat me + love grows”
  • In the refrigerator was a bottle of V8 Splash with a note on it saying “Drink me + loneliness shrinks”
  • Also to be found was a dozen eggs with HAPPY LOVE DAY spelled out on the eggs.

I would take a picture of these things but it’s 3:37 and I’ve been informed by Soul that she has already eaten one glazed donut, while going to the super market and had plans to annihilate one egg via boiling water. That woman can be brutal!

Once I get home, my darling babygirl shall receive from me the following from :

  • One purple hard iced heart shaped cookie with the time honored message of “BE MINE” spelled out in white hard icing
  • One Ooh La La cupcake

And then from me and my talented little hand…one homemade card – which I shall make on the 188 AMTRAK train to Aberdeen at 7:10pm (EST).


In addition she will receive my everyday levels of love – which I have to say…are off the charts intense.  Sometimes even a bit intense for her — she said so herself. I have just sent her a reminder to please eat (she is hypoglycemic) and gets all woogily if I don’t.

But as I’m here at work (yes, I actually do have a paying job and it is NOT to do this) …I shall put in a few hours before it is time for the great migration North.

Until then – I hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you have lots of chocolates to eat and someone who has purchased said chocolates for you. (if not then you’re just some common shoplifter!)

But if you do not have a special someone to give you these things – HERE!

Happy Valentine’s Day!