FREEDOM to say “I DO”!!!!

Today plays a very important part in the history of the State of Maryland.  Today, the General Assembly is listening to the proposed amendments to Bill 241 – the Civil Marriage Protection Act and if all the Readers have been read/voted out or in…a vote will come tonight.

This vote will change my life and the lives of other Marylanders forever.  It will give me the possibility and others who would like to be married to a same-sex partner the ability to do so.  If this Act is passed – Governor Martin O’Malley has promised to sign it into being, thereby approving my ability as a human being the right to marry whomever I wish. (so long as they be non-relative, above the age of a minor, are indeed a human being and a legal citizen of this country, etc. etc. etc.)

The proposed amendments that have been read thus far since 10am this morning have been humorous, audacious and a complete waste of tax paying citizen’s time and money.  I have heard mention of:

  • Baptism – wants the right for churches to turn away children of same-sex marriages for Baptism! (really???)
  • School curriculum (a mathematical word problem was referenced for a 2nd grader level that mentioned a mom and dad…the “fear” was that said school/publishing house would be sued for this as it was now non-inclusive.)
  • School curriculum was also referenced to some book that schools would now be required to have??? Good heavens!
  • Mother’s and Father’s day – it was a fear that these would be abolished in the state of Maryland and Family day used instead.  Just for the record – neither are Federal or State holidays but inventions of Hallmark. – Don’t worry mom, I still love you. ❤

Senator Simonaire specifically was going a bit off the charts with some of his proposed objections and amendments.

@EqualityMDon Twitter lovingly called him “Sen. Crazy” and I think I shall adopt this title for all politicians that seems be be off their rockers lately.

Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Sweden – these countries have all approved Same Sex Marriage for their citizens! We the home of the Free are not as free as we would like to be, or as free as we advertise.

Senator Raskin is my new hero today. Yes Senator – I’ve been listening to your calm, patient answers amidst the crazy talk and I applaud you and say Thank you!

To the sponsors of this bill (by the way, my county’s [District 34 – Nancy Jacobs (R) ] senator was NOT one of them and so come election time – out she goes babe…bye bye) I want to personally thank you for putting your name to the page and then standing up for it today with your voice AND more importantly – your vote.

To The President of the MD Senate Thomas Miller (By Request – Administration) and Senators Ferguson, Forehand, Frosh, Garagiola, Gladden, Jones-Rodwell, Kelley, King, Kittleman, Madaleno, Manno, McFadden, Montgomery, Pinsky, Pugh, Ramirez, Raskin, Robey, Young, and Zirkin – THANK YOU!

Give my family the right to be.

Give me the right to love whomever I want and honor that commitment, that human bond that no one can should ever be allowed to vote against.

Vote for the passing of the Civil Marriage Protection Act and let our good state of Maryland sign it into being for October, 2012.


The Pond House

This page – once it is truly rolling – will be about my glorious homestead in Cecil County, Maryland – aka Ceciltucky.

As you can tell, I’m not terribly keen on the area.  I’m a transplant to the lands South of the Mason-Dixon line.  I was born in Philadelphia (Philly to the locals) and came to this region after chasing a job, a girl, and the hopes/dreams of a better life.  That was back in 1998 and in a totally different county/city then where I am now.

I reside in Cecil for a plethora of reasons but I’ll give you two – money and a girl. (are you noticing a negative trend here?…well why the hell didn’t you tell me?!?!)

My home is a unique and drafty 1949 split level, architect original home in “The Heights”.  It is lovingly donned The Pond House as it was rumored to have once been the location of the neighborhood ice skating pond back in nineteen aught something. This I do not disbelieve, as shortly after signing the deed to my home and the 30 year fixed mortgage, the damn thing flooded! Not from rising waters…on no – from rain and ground water! I have since learned the necessity to have a long-time battery if not generator for my MULTIPLE sump pumps.

My home is equipped with these, 3 staircases (5 if you count the two off the mudroom), a slew of single pane glass windows, some plastic trying-to-pretend-to-be-single-pane-glass windows, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 4 sump pumps, a mudroom, a lower living room with a wood burning stove (that does not heat my house oddly enough), an upper living room with a gorgeous window loving called “the fish bowl”, a beautiful kitchen containing a dead dishwasher that will soon be on the streets to make room for my pull out trash/recycling drawers with upper pull out bins for the dog and cat’s food!

The yard is jinormous! Well – its big compared to the 12×12 cement yard I had in Philly growing up.  We proudly own 1/2 an acre with about 9 or 10 trees, 1 gazebo and 1 shed. + my gorgeous red canoe named Rouge Pamplemousse or Ruby for short.  Now don’t worry…we won’t be speaking any other language than the American’s English …well sorta.

And that is The Pond House