Remain in ennui or …

What do you do when you find yourself day in/day out in ennui? 


noun \ˌän-ˈwē\

Definition of ENNUI
: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : boredom

Examples of ENNUI

  1. <the kind of ennui that comes from having too much time on one’s hands and too little will to find something productive to do>

Origin of ENNUI

French, from Old French enui annoyance, from enuier to vex, from Late Latin inodiare to make loathsome — more at annoy

First Known Use: 1732
May I just say that in the year 2012 – ennui is alive and kicking.
So what do you do when your day is dragging. When your job is lacking that spark to keep you motivated and churning out data, paperwork, research, widgets, whatever?
No seriously – what do you do???
Presently – I’m stuck.  My to-do list for home is larger than it is for the office.
I’ve already asked my assistant if she is doing anything and unfortunately for her – she’s standing at the concession stand on this boat.
I’ve pushed pencils around on papers, I’ve checked emails a gagillion times (I think I busted the “refresh” button) …nothing is coming in!
I’ve posted my resume (yep – I’m going there) to a few more jobs.  With today being St. Joseph’s day (patron saint of workers) I’m hoping it helps.  My day here is extended as my commute is 3 hours from home.
Yes – 3 hours.
Which means 6 hours total a commute each day.
It really does suck.
I’m not the only one though in this insanity.  There are 10 0thers on my train with me working the same hours; commuting the same (if not more) distance to and from work each and every day.
See – we humans thought we were so clever.  Invent more machines to do this or that for you – quicker, faster, etc.
Well – we just clever-ered ourselves right out of localized work.
I have an hour to kill before my daily migration north begins.
I wonder how long I can stretch this one email out?

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